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Reasons for the Belt Cutter

Belt Cutter

Picture the following scenario: You are in charge of a rescue team or are witness to a traffic accident and wish to help. Through the particular circumstances of the accident the belt lock may be inaccessible. You now utilise your Belt Cutter and are able to safely cut the belt at a convenient spot and free the occupants.

Though the name may suggest it, the usefulness of the Belt Cutter does not stop there: The protective construction of the Emergency/Belt Cutter enables it to cut the clothing of any injured person as well. It cuts through bandages, fabric, leather and soft plastics effortlessly.

Several businesses and other organisations have already employed the Belt Cutter successfully: charitable organisations, automobile clubs, automobile manufacturers, health and other insurances,
government agencies (police forces, ministries of the interior for prevention purposes), fire brigades, resellers, banks, industrial companies (pharmaceutical companies, companies in the fields of safety technology and height safety, manufacturers of defibrillators), trade associations, commercial companies, promotional materials industry, high-altitude rescue, blood donor organisations, mobile providers, hotel industry, driving schools, aviation industry, drug stores.

Fortunately, I was able to reach for my belt knife and eventually free myself!

The belt cutter ensures more safety in road traffic. Read the testimonial.


Useful advertising space

Belt Cutters as advertising space

Advertising is efficient if it finds its way into the lives of potential customers seamlessly. Even though the Belt Cutter‘s primary purpose remains aiding in traffic accidents, it has today also become a popular advertising gift for all those with their customer‘s safety at heart.

Other than the classic prints, we also offer vibrant variants, especially for novice drivers. Also available with emergency lane print.

The Emergency Lane – Though potentially life-saving it is still not a matter of course

Emergency Lane print on Belt Cutters

Does this sound familiar? You are stuck in traffic and still can not remember which lane goes to which side when forming the Emergency Lane.
Luckily, the driver in front of you knows, and you just follow their lead. With our newest Belt Cutter you will always have the Emergency Lane visible in your vehicle and can lead by example.

New Belt Cutter models for driving schools

Vibrant Belt Cutters with your company logo

You could give a custom Belt Cutter to your learner drivers and thus give them a bit of safety on their way. This way, you will also be sure that your students will remember you. For this exact purpose we offer vibrant and modern motives with your individual company logo. You will also be able to customise the colour of the body of the Belt cutter.

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Als inhabergeführtes Unternehmen sind wir jederzeit ganz nah am Geschehen und an unseren Kunden, und das nun schon in zweiter Generation. Unser Erfolgsgeheimnis: Wir sind immer noch genauso begeistert von unserem Produkt wie am ersten Tag. Unser Notfallmesser wird zu 100 Prozent in Deutschland hergestellt. Wir schätzen die langjährige gute Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Geschäftspartnern sehr und stehen in engem persönlichen Kontakt. So können wir jederzeit flexibel reagieren und schnell auf Kundenwünsche eingehen.

Excerpts from Reviews of the Belt Cutter

The Belt Cutter can influence the outcome of an accident by cutting open belts that can no longer be opened manually. This happens instantly and easily.
BfU Swiss Advice Center for Accident Prevention

The Belt Cutter has proven itself useful in fire trucks and ambulances. It is easy to handle, uncomplicated and reliable. The cutting strength of the Belt Cutter is exceptional.
City of Frankfurt, Fire Department

The Effectiveness of the Belt Cutter can be called optimal. Car belts can be cut effortlessly and quickly. The use of scissors takes significantly longer.
Allianz-Centre for Technology GmbH

Testimonial from a user

For my 18th birthday, my mum gave me a belt knife. I put this within reach in the car. I never thought I would actually use it. A few months ago, I had a serious car accident and ended up in hospital as a seriously injured person. I crashed head-on into a tree at over 90 km/h. After the impact, fog accumulated in my car. I couldn’t see anything at all and at the same time I was trapped by my driver’s door. I was panic-stricken at that moment. Fortunately, I was able to reach for my belt knife and eventually free myself. Whereupon a sports team pulled me out of the car. As a thank you, I gave all the members an emergency belt knife. They were very happy and put them in the car themselves. I am really very happy that I received a belt knife as a present for my birthday.

Everyone should have an emergency belt knife handy in the car for their own safety. Especially as a novice driver, it gives me a little bit of security.
Janette (19 years)


“Thank you for your support, your consistently very good communication and your professional commitment.”

Dr. Michael H. – Forum Verkehrssicherheit des Landes Brandenburg

“Thank you for your support, your consistently very good communication and your professional commitment.”

Dr. Michael H. – Forum Verkehrssicherheit des Landes Brandenburg


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